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Automatic Cutting Machine for Corrugated Tubes : CTO Corr

 M/s Machine Makers r.s.' have developed and manufactured Cutting machine for
 Corrugated tubes. it is use ful for pre-slit as well as un-silt PVC corrugated tubes.

 The machine uses a specially developed unique cutting. mechanism and belt feeding
 system. Both these ensure that the hallow tubes do not collapse during feeding or
 Automatic Cutting Machine for Corrugated TubesThis machine is tabletop, user-friendly, and automatic. it is available with
Microprocessor Controls. A simple and smart keypad and display is used for
setting the length, target quantity, batch qty etc. it come with in-built production
counter, which indicates the number of cuts taken.

the standard machines can cut corrugated tubes from 5mm diameter to 32mm dai.
It can cut around 2000 tubes of 100 mm length per hour. The machine cuts tubes
within +_ 2 mm accuracy and gives a good cut.

the machine work on single phase electric supply and 5 bar pneumatic supply.

 Performance Range

Tube Type Corrugated Tubes :v from 5mm dia to 32 mm dia
Length Selection Standard range : 5mm to 9 meters, in steps of 1mm;
you will have to ensure knot-free supply of tube to machine.
Accuracy +/- 0.3% ( min / -2mm )
Changeover setting time 4 minutes typically.
Technical Data
Mechanical system Rugged machine with precision Mechanical system
Electronic system Separate electronic control with PLC and drives
Tube feed system 1 stepping motor with 2 feed belt, variable speed
Cutting system Pneumatic Cylinder and Solenoid Valve With Simple Cutter. Used standard blade available in stationery shops
Length Measurement system Directly by stepping motor control
Power 220 V / 50 HZ, other options upon request
Compressed air 5 to 6 bar, 25 lpm ( 0.5 hp compressor )
Dimensions 450mm * 450mm * 435mm (h) , approx
Production Speed
100 mm
1200 /hr
1000 /hr
Speed for 5mmCorr-tube

Voltage servo -stabilizer( 2KVA) or CVT (1KVA ) is must.
Proper earthing is essential.

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