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Wire cutting Machines for Power Chords & Battery Cables : CTO 15-16

 M/s. ' machine makers r.s.' have introduced a 'Power Cable Cutting Machine' for cutting multicore Power Cables.

 Wire cutting Machines for Power Chords & Battery CablesThis is specially developed High Speed High Accuracy machine for cutting of power
 cables, battery cables as well we single core wires. The machine can be used for processing flat cables, as well.
This power-packed machine ensures high production volumes and low manufacturing costs. With these machines, the cost of cable cutting is around 10 to 15 paisa per 100 cables. Machine being accurate. it saves copper and often the saving in copper cost is much more than the labour saving.

 Most importantly, this machine does not require any compressor, and can be operated with single phase electric supply. A combination of motor, clutch and brake delivers a very high cutting
force. The machine's noise level is also quite low. This machine is  tabletop,
user-friendly, and automatic. Any operator can be trained within 5 minutes
to operate it. Machine is available with
Microprocessor controls. A simple and
smart keypad and display is used for setting the length, target quantity, batch qty
and other processing parameters.

It comes with in-built production counter, which indicates the number of cuts taken.

The standard machine (Model CTO 15) cut cables of upto 9 mm in O.D. The up-graded
version (Model CTO 16) of machine is able to cut copper braided of upto 11 mm
diameter or battery cables upto 35 sq mm.

These machines can cut wires and cables length from 5mm to 9 meters. A special
version for upto 25 meters is also available. Depending upon the length, these
machine can process around 1000-2200 pieces per hour.
To get a proper speed and length a wire pre-feeding arrangement such as dereeler
may be required. The same is not within the scope of this machine.

Special machines for other specific customer needs can also be developed by
m/s ' machine makers r.s'

Voltage servo-stabilizer (2KVA) or CVT (1KVA) is must.
Proper earthing is essential

 * ' MICROPROCESSOR" controlled machines with smart display.
 * Fully automatic machine, Setting is completely digitized and mostly automatic.
 * Compressor not required, Silent operation

 Technical Data :
Wire Types & Cross Section Model CTO 15: Single core flexible wires upto
10 mm2, Power chords (unarmoured ) upto
9 mm O.D.
Model CTO 16 : Single core flexible wires upto 35 mm2, Power Cords

Length Selection

standard range


+/- 0.3% (min. +/-2 mm)

Multiple Wire Processing

Possible with special guide ad blades in
selective cases

Changeover setting time

30 sec to 5 minutes typically

  Production Speed :

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