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Wire cutting Machines for Heat Shrink Tubes & Plastic Sleeves : CTO 13

 ' M/s.  Machine Makers R.S.' have developed and manufactured Cutting
 machine for Heat Shrink tubes as well as other plastic tubes and sleeves.
 It cuts the sleeves to accurate length and also that too at a very high speed.

 Wire cutting Machines for Heat Shrink Tubes & Plastic SleevesThis machine uses special guides for different types and sizes of sleeves / tubes. This
ensures a good cut. All other setting is completely digital.

This machine is tabletop, user-friendly, and automatic. It is available with
Microprocessor controls.
A simple and smart keypad and display is used for setting the length, target quantity,
batch qty and other processing parameters.

It comes with in-built production counter, which indicates the number of cuts taken.

The standard machines can cut heat shrink tubes from 3mm dia to 20 mm dia. Round
 tubes of upto 10mm diameter can be cut on this machine.
 The length can be set from 5mm to 9meters. Depending upon ths length, the machine
 can process around 3000-12000 pieces per hour.
 (You may require separate de-reeler to provide free sleeve to machine.)

 The machine works on single phase electric supply and 5 bar pneumatic supply.

  Special machine for other specific customer needs can also be developed by
' M/s.  Machine Makers R.S.'

 * “MICROPROCESSOR controlled machines with smart display.
 *  Fully automatic machine. Setting is completely digitized and mostly automatic.

   Performance Range

Material Types &
Cross section 

Heat shrink tubes:  from 3mm dia to 20 mm dia. Round tubes: upto 10 mm diameter can be cut on this machine. Flexible Copper wire : upto 6 sq mm

Length Selection

Standard range:  5 mm to 9 meters,  in steps of 1mm;You may require separate de-reeler to provide free sleeve to machine.


+/- 0.2% (min. +/-1 mm ), Mostly you will get within +/- 0.5 mm

Multiple Wire Processing

Possible with special guide and blades in selective cases

Changeover setting time 

30 sec to 5 minutes typically.

   Technical Data

Mechanical system

Rugged machine with precision mechanical system

Electronic system

Separate electronic control with PLC and drives

Tube feed system

1 stepping motor with 2 feed rollers, variable speed

Cutting system 

Pneumatic Cylinder and Solenoid Valve  With Simple centralizing cutter

Length Measurement system 

Directly by stepping motor control


 220V / 50 Hz, other options upon request

Compressed air

5 to 6 bar, 180 lpm (1.5 hp compressor)


350mm X 350mm X 435mm(h) , approx

   Production Speed


25 mm

100 mm




12000 /Hr


3500 /Hr


  Speed for 0.5 sq mm multi-strand wires/ 8 mm heat shrink tube

   Voltage servo-stabilizer (2KVA) or CVT (1KVA) is must.
   Proper earthing is essential.


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