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Fully Automatic Dereeler

The Fully Automatic Dereeler comprises of three parts
Motorized Dereeler
Dancer roller assembly
Control panel

Fully Automatic DereelerMotorized Dereeler
 A. The dereeler comprises of fabricated
 stand to hold the bobbin. The bobbin is
 having certain adjustment to hold your
 wire/ sleeve bundle. A gear motor
 powers the bobbin shaft. Motor is
 controlled by a Vector drive. (VFD).

 B. The wire /sleeve is passed through a dancer roller assembly. This assembly is
 having electronic proximity sensors mounted on it. These sensors generate start
 and stop signals for the motorized dereeler.

 C. The control panel provides the user the option of running the dereeler in auto as
 well as manual mode. It is also having a speed adjustment facility. In addition, it also
 provides a re-wind feature.
Fully Automatic Dereeler

 In case of sleeve/wire jamming, the panel can send a potential
 free signal (change-over contact) to the wire/sleeve cutting
 machine, which can be used to stop the machine


The automatic dereeler will ensure that the wire/sleeve is supplied only when it is required. This will require very minor attention of the operator.

Fully Automatic Dereeler


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