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Automatic Wire Cutting Machine, Insulation Stripping Machine, Stripping Machines for Multicore Cables, Thane, India

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Wire Cutting &  Stripping Machine : CTSS 32-33


 ' M/s.  Machine Makers R.S.' have developed and manufactured a range of
Automatic Wire Cutting cum Insulation Stripping Machines'
 Each one of them is an accurate and efficient machine to cut PVC coated electric
 wires and also to remove the insulation from both ends. That is to cut and strip wires
 from a bundle of wire, so as to make them ready for wiring and harnessing.
Automatic Wire Cutting cum Insulation Stripping MachinesThese machines are user-friendly. tabletop, fully automatic machines. They
are incorporating the state of the art
technology and are economic alternative
to costly imported machines.
These machines can cut and strip single core, multi-strand PVC insulated electric wires. Partial as well as Full stripping is possible. A production rate of around 2500 wire pieces per hour can be achieved. Smaller wires cab be  fed two at a time to get almost double productivity.

 These machines are manufactured with high quality, robust, imported stepper motors.
 Machines are supplied with V blades for cutting and stripping a range of wires.
 These machines come with Micro-processor based controls. These controls are housed
 in a separate control panel. with adequate cooling. This is essential for hot Indian
 conditions in summer.
 Apart from standard control configuration, PC based control system giving a complete
 database solution with wire planner is also AVAILABLE.

 Machines require single phase 220 V AC stable electric supply and a compressed air
 supply at 4 bar pressure.
 Wires from 0.5 sq mm to 6 sq mm can be processed on model CTSS 32
 Machine model CTSS 33 is suitable for wires from 0.5sq mm to 2.5 sq mm
 For wires / battery cables from 8 sq mm to 25 sq mm, model CTSS 303 can be used.

 Special machine for other specific customer needs can also be developed by

' M/s.  Machine Makers R.S.'
MICROPROCESSOR controlled machines with smart display.
  Fully automatic machine. Setting is completely digitized and mostly automatic.
  Machines for both side stripping. (Can also do single side stripping and also only

 Performance Range

 Wire Cross Section

 Model CTSS 32 : 0.5 to 6 mm2
 Model CTSS 33 : 0.5 to 2.5 mm2
 Contact us for sizes outside this range )

 Length Selection

 Standard range: 50 mm to 9 meters, in steps of 1mm;
 Range can be extended to get 20mm to 25 meters


 +/- 0.2% (min. +/-1.5 mm )

 End Stripping

 Upto 35 mm at both ends ( subject to material friction)
 Partial as well as Complete stripping possible

 Middle Stripping

 Upto 2 windows max.
(conditions apply, In select models only)

 Multiple Wire Processing

   CTSS 32 can process 2 wires at a time for Wires
    upto 1.5 Sq. mm. with the help of accessories. For
    higher sizes, machines will process 1 wire at a time.
  CTSS 33 can process 2 wires at a time for Wires upto
    1.0 Sq. mm. For higher sizes, machine will process 1
    wire at a time.

 Wire Types

 Single core with single or multiple strands /
 Flexible or rigid

 Max. Outside Diameter

 6 mm

 Changeover setting time

 30 sec typically

 Technical Data

 Mechanical system  Rugged machine with precision mechanical system
 Electronic system  Separate

 Wire feed system

 2 stepping motors with 4 feed rollers,

 Cutting & Stripping system

 V blade

 Length Measurement System

 Directly by stepping motor control
 Power  220V / 50 Hz, other options upon request
Compressed air  5 to 7 bar, 70
 Dimensions  Main Unit : 400mm x 400mm x 275mm (h)
 Control Panel : 585mm x 275mm x 465 mm (h)

 Production Speed :-


100 mm

500 mm

Only Cutting

8000/hr. ( 15000/hr)

6000/hr (11000/hr)

Cutting and single Side stripping

 4500/hr ( 8500/hr)

4000/hr (7000/hr)

Cutting and both Side stripping

2800/hr (5000/hr)

2300/hr (4000/hr)

 Voltage servo-stabilizer (2KVA) or CVT (1KVA) is must. Proper
 earthing is essential.


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